School Spotlight: Intermediate Teachers

The Best Time for Change!

By: Abirami

        The new beginning has come! We welcome Mr. Nakashima, the new intermediate teacher, to the B & B family. We are overjoyed to have him here, and we can't wait for what he’s going to bring to our school.

        I interviewed both intermediate teachers, Mr. Nakashima and Mr. Remisch, to observe their experiences here at Banting and Best. Mr. Nakashima teaches Grade 7, but he also teaches the Grade 7/8 Health, History/Geography, and Dance and Drama. On the other hand, Mr. Remisch has been teaching at Banting and Best for 15 years, a long time indeed!

Let's see what they think about our school.

Mr. Nakashima: “I like Banting and Best a lot, it's very different from my old school. If I had to describe Banting and Best in two words, I would say ‘Good students.’ In case I had to leave Banting and Best, I would feel disappointed. Mr. Ly helped me from the start, and I like Mr. Remisch, too. If I had the opportunity to instruct another grade, I would teach Grade 6 or 8.’’

Mr. Remisch: “Being at B & B for 15 years feels great, I feel right at home. If I had to describe Banting and Best in two words I would say, ‘Civil and exemplary.’ If I had to leave this school, I would feel very, very saddened. If I had to teach another class, I would teach Grade 6.”

        Both teachers are easygoing and always up for a funny joke. The two of them are constantly bringing out the best in our class, pushing us towards success. Even though we all have different mindsets, the intermediate teachers are bringing us closer together as a division. I see an ecstatic year running towards us and I'M very excited.