Principal's Message

Parents and Caregivers:

Welcome to Banting and Best Public School. 

Banting is an exciting learning environment.  We currently have our in-school and virtual learning teachers and support staff in our building working with your child(ren).

Since my arrival at Banting in January 2020, I  have witnessed the care and commitment our staff takes for the children in our school, whether they are in our bricks and mortar school, or learning virtually. I have also seen that we have a caring community that has been fundamental in their children's learning.

We have a dedicated staff that works each day to support your children academically, as well as guiding them as they develop. 

One of the most important non-academic roles we play is to ensure that students are in a safe and caring environment.  We highlight student well-being and mental health, and this is my passion in schools.

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day, and for making Banting such an awesome place to work and learn.

Jasminie Singh



班廷是一个令人兴奋的学习环境。 我们目前有我们的校内和虚拟学习教师和支持人员在我们的大楼与您的孩子(ren)合作。



我们扮演的最重要非学术角色之一是确保学生处于安全和关爱的环境中。 我们强调学生的健康和心理健康,这是我在学校的热情。