School Events


2017-18 Events

April: Speech Arts    
Speech Arts    
Banting & Best held its second annual Speech Arts competition in April, where our talented public speakers wowed the judges with some amazing speeches. Which junior student and which intermediate student would be crowned the 2018 winners? Read to find out...    


March: Greek Heritage Festival   February: Winter Play Day
Greek Heritage   Winter Play Day
Throughout the month of March, Ms. Hadjis worked with a group of students on a Greek dance, in preparation for the TDSB's Greek Heritage Festival...   It was certainly a long winter for the Banting & Best community. What better way to take advantage of all the snow than to plan an outdoor event! Check out our video of our Winter Play Day's best moments...


January: B & B's Got Talent   December: Red/Green Assembly
Talent Show   Red Green
Our school talent show was moved from its usual date in June to the month of January. B & B's Got Talent featured some exceptional performances from students, and this year's A Capella Quickfire event was super competitive...   Returning for its second year, the Red/Green Assembly was louder, wilder and more fun than ever. What kinds of events did the teachers plan and which team came out victorious...


November: Earth Rangers   November: Remembrance Day
Earth Rangers   Remembrance Day
At tne end of November, Banting and Best was paid a visit by the Earth Rangers. Our school was introduced to some cool animals and some wonderful information about our environment...   At Banting & Best, we recognize Remembrance Day with a school-wide assembly, where we acknowledge the many who fought for our country...



October: Responsibility Assembly   October: Halloween
October Assembly   Halloween
At our monthly recognition assembly for the month of October, we recognized those students who showed a strong sense of responsibility around the school...   For Halloween this year, Banting & Best celebrated the occasion in style, with wonderful (and scary) costumes found throughout the school...


October: The Secret Life of Riley K. Performance   September: Terry Fox Run
Riley K   Terry Fox
Banting & Best was treated to a special theatrical performance on October 2nd, 2017. "The Secret Life of Riley K." is a musical about a girl dealing with mental health issues...   On September 28th, 2017, Banting & Best had its annual Terry Fox Run. This year's event featured some fairly major changes...



2016-17 Events

2016 Red/Green Assembly    
Red Green Assembly    
On December 23rd, 2016, Banting & Best had its very first Red/Green Assembly and it was one of the most exciting assemblies that we had in 2016...    


2016 Winter Concert   2017 Chinese New Year
Winter Concert   Chinese New Year
The decorations were breathtaking. The walls were decked...Our winter concert put everyone into a...   Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated by people of Chinese descent all over the world. Here at Banting and Best many of our students celebrate...




On a monthly basis we recognize students who have exemplified the designated character trait.


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