Terry Fox Run


B & B Supports Terry's Cause

By: Sarah L.


     On September 28th, 2017, the students at Banting and Best had their annual Terry Fox Run, which started at around 9:15, and ended at around 10:15. The course went around our school field, to a small park, then along the field of Prince of Peace Catholic School and back to our field.  


     Before the event started, everyone did some warm-ups and stretches and Mr. Minor gave a few instructions which included information about the donation bin. After that, students went to their own class rest stops, which were chairs decorated by drawings and Terry Fox posters, made by our grade 1 and 2 students, situated along the walking trail.


     The walk soon began. Mr. Ly turned on the radio, so we could listen to music while we moved around. The students in grades 1 through 8, were on the perimeter of the trail. Some students chose to run, while others chose to walk. Mr. Minor, our gym teacher ran during the entire event, along with a few students! The kindergartners were on the inside of the trail and held hands as they walked around.


     Students looked happy as they walked with their friends, while they socialized with each other. This was also a great bonding opportunity! As they made their way around, they dropped their money into the donation bin. The Terry Fox Run soon ended with the sound of our school bell, and after that everyone then made their way back to class.


     This year's Terry Fox Run was different from previous years, but just as successful. We raised $516.10 this year, which was incredible! The students at Banting and Best did their best and donated their money for cancer research and they all had a fun time.




A New and Improved Run

By: Kara T.


     On Thursday, September 28th, 2017, our school had a Terry Fox Walk/Run on a course that involved our school field, and the field of Prince of Peace Catholic School to fundraise money for cancer research. The event took place from 9:15am - 10:15am. Before this event, some students made posters and drew pictures to decorate the walls and hallways of our school. The hype and excitement was real!

     Eventually, the day of the run came! At the beginning of the event, Mr. Minor and Mr. Ly talked to us about Terry Fox, and the whole school did some warm-up stretches, such as jumping jacks and lunges. Everyone got to their class rest stops and got ready to run or walk. Then, the Terry Fox Run/Walk started! The grade 1-8 students ran on the outside/perimeter of the course, and kindergarten students walked on the inside of the course with some teachers.

     During the run, there was a radio playing loud, pop music! Many of our teachers participated in this run, and a special shoutout to Mr. Minor, our gym teacher, who ran at a speedy pace for the entire hour of the event! Everyone cheered each other on, to not give up and to not stop walking/ running. Now that was school spirit!

     Eventually, this event came to an end. It was cool to see everyone break out in a sweat, which was the effect we wished for! This was a great opportunity for the school to cheer each other on, and do something meaningful and charitable. We raised $516.10 this year, and we hope that every single member of the Banting and Best P.S. community will run and walk with us in the future!