Red Green Assembly 2016

We’ve Got Spirit! Yes We Do!

We’ve Got Spirit! How About You?

By Ashely

On December 23rd 2016, Banting & Best had its very first Red and Green Assembly! Before the event, the whole school was separated into two teams: the Red team led by Mr. Minor and the Green team led by Mr. Ly. Students were ecstatic and were full of energy when it came to cheering for their team. Mr. Ly and Mr. Minor kicked off the festivities with some friendly pranks, which inspired some of the classes and teachers to give the opposing team "gifts" of their own; friendly competition never hurt anyone. Nobody could contain their enthusiasm as the date drew nearer. Whether it was chanting their team name during lunch or boasting about how their team was better, it showed our school spirit.

Finally, it was time for the assembly. Everyone was very excited to be wearing their PJs, it was the day that we’d all been waiting for! You could feel the anticipation of the students as they were patiently waiting to see the teachers work together to win. The positive energy was almost too much to be contained! But before all that, we had to do the Banting and Best tradition: singing Christmas carols! We sang together harmoniously...just before competing against each other!

With Mr. Ly and Mr. Minor handling the MC duties, we were all set! After the trials of the competition such as the jello eating contest, gift wrapping, bean bag throwing and lip sync battle we had a winning team! The red team had won! Both teams tried their best and the teachers looked very awesome working hard for their side. Not to mention the explosive energy from the students in the audience, they were the real MVPs! After announcing the winner, the Red team was awarded the prize: Decorating Mr. MacKinnon! Overall, no matter whether your team won or not, it was one of the most exciting assemblies that we had in 2016. Hopefully, the Red and Green Assembly becomes a tradition for Banting and Best so future students can enjoy this occasion as well.