Earth Rangers 2017



Earth Rangers Assembly

By: Srilakshmi


        On November 30th 2017, students from grades 1-6 at Banting & Best were lucky to receive a great visitor by Earth Rangers! Many of the students were excited to listen to this presentation when we heard there were live animals!

        As students entered the gym, we were welcomed by a video about Earth Rangers and all the great environmental projects they had accomplished worldwide. When they had our attention they talked mainly about some of their conservation projects. One animal that wowed many of the students was the Bald Eagle. The Earth Rangers talked about how these birds were becoming endangered because of a pesticide DDT.

        Another recent project that I even took part in was helping the Gray Foxes. The gray foxes were and endangered species only living in one area, Pelee Island, Ontario. These foxes were endangered because of habitat loss and Earth Rangers world wide are trying to help conservation on Pelee Island. For example, planting new trees and plants.  

        I personally thought that Earth Rangers were amazing and it was great to learn about all the environmental projects that kids just like us are doing to help protect our environment as well as the plants and animals living in the area.