Winter Play Day 2018


Play Day is Great...Play Day in Winter is Awesome!

By: Yendy L. L.


        On the morning of February 13th, 2018, all the students of Banting and Best participated in Winter Play Day! This event took place in the field behind the school. From the youngest Kindies to the Grade Eights, everyone had a blast! There were many activities for everyone to enjoy such as Haki (hockey), Nun Soccer and even walking with snowshoes. Each class started with their own activity and after a few minutes, everyone would rotate. This allowed every class to try out each activity and have an amazing time. It was exciting to see the whole school have a break from work and have such a fun time with each other. All the activities were a huge hit! The Kindergarten students really enjoyed building snow forts, snowmen and even snow unicorns. Everybody loved using the snowshoes. Other activities included Noodle Tag, an obstacle course, and catching a rubber chicken. Overall, everyone had a great time and we can’t wait for next year’s Winter Play Day!