Intermediate Girls Slo-Pitch

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

By Kanjanaa

This year for the very first time, our school started a Slo-Pitch Softball team for girls in the intermediate division, coached by Mr. Ly, a new and unknown coach at Banting, and Mr. Minor, a long-time coaching mainstay here at the school. “Softball was something I didn't expect it to be. It was really fun to cooperate with the others. It was a great first-hand experience.” says Sammi. For many of the girls, it was their first time really playing the sport. Samantha had a great time learning the sport: “I think it was a great experience for me because it was the first sports team I've ever been on.”

Almost every day, the team practised skills such as throwing, catching, and hitting, both in the morning and after school. There were some definite growing pains that could be heard on the field: girls yelling in frustration when they struck out or outfielders screaming in fear when a fly ball came at their heads. However, there was clear improvement with every passing day. Their coach Mr. Ly was so impressed that he helped the players get team shirts with their names and favourite numbers on them. “Once the team was put together, no matter what I threw at them as a coach--two-a-day practices, gruelling drills, team meetings--the girls impressed me day after day with their heart and dedication.”

On the day of the tournament, the team traveled together to Henry Hudson Sr. P.S. and competed against their team, Tredway-Woodsworth P.S., and Joseph Howe Sr. P.S. Angela says, “it was intimidating and nerve-wracking to play against schools we've played against in other sports, but this time in softball, which was a first for most of us, it was even more nerve-wracking.” Two of the three other schools seemed to have experience playing - but our girls didn’t give up! Throughout the whole day, the team played hard and won some games, but most of all they had fun. They cheered each other on and showed great team spirit! Rosy, for one, had a positive outlook on the result: “I think it was a fun sport to play; even though we weren't the best, we gave it our 100%.”

The significance of this season was not lost on two of the team’s key members. Kara, the captain of the team, did an amazing job as a vocal leader of the team and offered these thoughts on the season: “I liked that we did a great job on our first year of slo-pitch. When batting, most of us hit the ball and when it was not going to [be a strike], we did not swing for the ball.” The team’s coach was most proud of all. “No one can argue that we had a successful season as a team. The way the girls supported each other, the way they competed despite it being their first-ever experience with the sport... I'm proud to have coached such a wonderful group of girls.”

Congratulations on a wonderful season, girls! Once spring hits, let’s get ready for next season.