Cross Country Team 2017

The Cross Country Team

By: Srilakshmi


        On Wednesday, October 11th, the Cross Country Team participated at the East Qualifying Meet. The coaches of the team were Mr. Minor and Ms. Clarke.

        At the meet, everyone was scared about running their race. We were cold and wet because of the rain and the wind. Soon, the races began. One of our runners, Swaathi, placed 1st in her race.

        The team worked very hard and each grade had a few fast runners who were able to place in the top 50 of all competitors; as a result, they will be moving on to the East Finals Meet.

        I personally felt that this was a great experience because those who love running got to compete with others to see how fast they really are. When racing against different schools, you truly get to know your speed compared to others your own age. Running is a great way to exercise our body and get fit.

        The Cross Country Team did very well and to those who are moving on...“Good Luck!”