Intermediate Girls' Slo-Pitch Softball Team





Live. Love. Bat.

By Kara T.

     As the returning captain of B & B’s intermediate girls slo-pitch team, I can say that it feels great to be back on our diamond, with both new and old teammates. I’m looking forward to the morning practices, as I feel like we’re more energetic in the mornings. These early-start practices will help us prepare for the upcoming games in the spring.

     Last season, we had a great time trying out a new sport. It was fun making new friends along the way. I’m sure we made it easy for Mr. Ly to teach us…hopefully. It was really exciting to start and be part of our first softball team. We were a great team composed of many talented people.

     We worked very hard and the results turned out pretty well for our first season. Even though I will miss working with Cindy, Angela, Winnie, Rosy, Sammi, Fiona, Ashely, Kanjanaa, Samantha, and Tiffany, my former softball teammates, this is a new year and we will aim for a higher goal.

     We would start off our morning practices by running some laps to get warmed up, and to become fully awake. Then we practised some skills such as batting, catching, and throwing, essential in sports involved with a bat. Sometimes we would play against the 5/6 team to get used to the game format.

     We have fewer people on the team this year, but we will still try our best to improve our skills. On this year’s intermediate team we have Keira, Sarah, Jully, Sajeni, Nilakshana, Kesiha, Yendy, Kaylee, Alina and myself. Even though our positions are still unknown, we are working hard to achieve success in our softball competition this year. Softball is for anyone, you get in the effort you put out.

     Here are some of the girls goals. “My goals for softball is to master the skills (batting, pitching, and, to steal a base).” says Nilakshana. “My goal in softball is to have better accuracy when I’m in the processes of batting the ball.” says Kaylee. “My goal in softball is to get better at catching and batting.” says Sajeni. “My goal for softball is to improve on pitching and batting.” says Sarah. “I wanna steal a base and bring it to my house and become more social.” says Jully.

     This year our coach, Mr. Ly, is looking forward to teaching a fresh batch of pre-teens to play a new sport. He also can’t wait to work with returning players and build up their skills. Mr. Ly has a few objectives that he plans to fulfill in the spring slo-pitch season. He plans to bring out a new appreciation for the game in as much people as possible, and to build a good team chemistry and strong bonds within the team. He often reminds us that we get in the effort we put out, this way we should be able to complete the season with at least as many wins as losses. We are going to play hard, play smart, and play together.