2017-18 Junior Badminton



A Smashing Success!

By: Srilakshmi A.

        In early February 2018, many students from Grades 5 and 6 were selected for our badminton team. Each week, the players practiced their badminton skills like clears, serves and keeping score. The practices for all the players were on Tuesdays after school, and junior-team practices were on Thursday mornings. All the players on the team worked extremely hard.

        After weeks of practice, it was eventually time for the tournaments. The Grade 6s played their first game on March 28th against North Bendale P. S. and J. G. Workman P. S. The players worked hard and won the tournament; moving on to the semi-finals on April 9th. There, the team played West Hill P. S. and won the game. They then played Tam O Shanter P. S., but unfortunately lost the game. The bright side was that because of the team's hard work, they received a blue banner, showing that they were this year’s Conference Finalists.

        The Grade 5 team also had a very eventful season. They played their first game on April 3rd against North Bendale P. S. The team played well and finished as the champion of Division 2 in the badminton league. The players then played against a Division 1 team at North Agincourt P. S. on April 9th. The games were intense and, unfortunately, the team lost the game. Although the Grade 5 team lost, they still earned a red banner showing that they were Conference Champions of Division 2.

        All in all, the badminton season for the junior teams was very exciting and fun. All the members worked hard and played hard. Next year, we hope to have even better results from the teams.