A Few Things You Probably Don’t Know About Central Tech

A Few Things You Probably Don’t Know About Central Tech


Prepared by: Usman Khan Grade 12 student at Central Technical School


Central Technical School was founded in 1915 making it over 100 years old.


CTS anniversary icon

front of CTS building

Robert Borden, who would become the future Prime Minister of Canada, laid the cornerstone in September 1913.

canadian 100 dollar bill


Sam Richardson was an African Canadian and Central Tech student who later went on to run in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin at the time of Nazi Occupation. Sam Richardson Way is a commemoration to him.


closeup of school building

Central Technical School participated in the war effort in WWI and WWII by training students in making planes and other important manufactured items.  During WWI and WWII, Central Tech had night school to train men to go and fight in the wars.         

students going to war

Good Will Hunting, Class of 1984, Silent Hill: Revelation, Ready or Not (episode: Get a Life), Loser and Cheaters were all filmed at Central Tech.      

movie scene of student writing on blackboard


Where Central Tech stands today was a big apple orchard. The orchard was owned by the Saywell family.

photo of orchard


Dr. A.C. McKay became the school's first Principal.

bust of first principal


Central Tech has a turf field which can also be used by Physical Education classes in the winter via the dome.

outdoor shot of dome


inside of dome

Central Tech has seven basements and had a rifle range in one them.

There was an aircraft hangar behind the auditorium.

Central Tech has had Optometry and Sculpting classes.

scultping class projects