Attendance Policy


Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class period.  Students are expected to be present and on time for every class. Good attendance is essential if a student is to be successful.   This includes on-line classes as well. 

Notifying the School of an Absence:  Students who are ill and unable to attend  classes should have a parent/guardian call the school before 10:00 a.m. for a “Full-Day” absence or after lunch for an afternoon (Partial Day) absence. As well, students under 18 must bring a note from a parent to the Attendance Secretary before classes begin on the day they return to school specifying the date(s) of absence and the reason for the absence. Some teachers also ask for notes explaining student absences.  Notes are kept on file. It is your responsibility to account for every absence promptly. Failure to do so will result in the absence being considered “unexcused” and may result in disciplinary action and/or academic penalties.

Attendance Office (416) 396-2355, press #1

Absence from Class – Student’s Responsibilities: If a student knows in advance that he/she will miss a class, arrangements must be made ahead of time for any work missed. This includes field trips, athletics, and medical appointments. If a student is unexpectedly absent from class, it is the responsibility of the absent student to ascertain the material or work covered during the absence and to complete the work. 

Full-Day Absences – Student’s Responsibilities:  Students must provide documentation for absences not part of the school program.  Classroom teachers   maintain attendance records and tracking of students and record absences and lates on the daily attendance scan sheets.  When returning from an absence, students provide a note signed by a parent if under 18 years of age to the Home Form teacher. The Home Form Teacher will provide an admit slip for the student to show the remaining teachers.  If the student does not provide the admit to every teacher then the absence in those classes will be recorded as an “Unexplained Absence” (skip).  Please Note:  The office will not provide an admit slip for an Unexplained Absence (skip).

Partial-Day Absences – Student’s Responsibilities:  Students leaving/returning to school during the day must report to the office to sign out/sign in.  Students who do not sign in or out will be directed to the office upon their return. 

Sign-Out Procedures – Student’s Responsibilities:  No students are to leave the school grounds without school and parental permission.  Students under 18 must have parental permission to sign out. Students who have to leave the school must come to the office and sign out with either a note or parent phone call.  The only exception is during the lunch period.  Medical & dental appointments should be made out of school hours when possible.

Parent/Guardian Notification of Absences:  The school computer will phone home regularly regarding daily absences. Students or parents who believe that an error in reporting an absence has been made should contact the attendance secretary in the main office. 

Absence During Suspension:  If you are suspended, you must remain off school property and away from the general vicinity of the school for the duration of the suspension. You are responsible for making arrangements to obtain your work from the main office through a friend or family member.

Extended Absence:  Families should plan extended vacations when school is not in session. For extended absences, 2 weeks notice to the Main Office is advised. Students/parents must fill out an Extended Absence Form and return it to the Office with a note explaining the reason for the absence. Additional documentation may be required. Teachers shall not be expected to provide detailed classroom work & homework assignments for students who are away for extended periods of time as a result of family or parent initiated absences. 

Long-term Illness: Families should report to the appropriate administrator when it becomes apparent that the student may be away for some time. Teachers will be notified and arrangements for schoolwork will be made. Medical certificates must cover dates of absence and must state that the student is unable to attend school. * (For a concussion, students must complete the EYCI Return to Learn / Play  Protocol). 

Unexcused Chronic Absence will severely affect a student’s progress towards earning a diploma: 

15 Days Unexplained Absence: School staff will continue to contact home.  The appropriate school staff will initiate a referral to TDSB Professional Support Services Attendance Counsellor/ Social Worker.

15 Days Absent in One Course: Student may lose course credit.


Students who are not prepared and in their classrooms for the start of the school day (promptly at 9:00 a.m.) or are not prepared and in subsequent classes on or before the time identified on the schedule for that day, are late for school.  Students who arrive late to Period 1 report directly to the classroom teacher who records all late arrivals until 9:30 a.m., after which time, students must report to the Main Office to formally Sign In.  Students who arrive late to Period 2, 3 or 4 report directly to the classroom teacher who records all late arrivals. Teachers will use a range of strategies and consequences to address punctuality and/or recurring Absences including those set out below:

1-4 Day Unexplained Absence – Teacher counselling student, calling home, before/after school detentions to make up time;

5 Days (consecutive), or 5 out of 10 Days (cumulative), Explained and Unexplained Absence, or 5 Classes Missed in 1 Course – Teacher counselling student, calling home, consultation with parent/guardian, Main Office may request external confirmation for absences, “Late/Absence Letter” may be sent home for parental signature, possible referral to IST to formulate strategy to address issue; 

6 to 9  Day Unexplained Absence (consecutive only) – Teacher counselling student, calling home, consultation with parent/guardian, Main Office will request external confirmation for absences, “Late/Absence Letter” will be sent home for parental signature, possible referral to IST to formulate strategy to address issue; 

10 Days (consecutive), 10 out of 30 Days (cumulative), Explained and Unexplained Absence, or  10 Classes Missed in 1 Course – Referral Main Office/Guidance, calling home, consultation with parent/guardian, request for external confirmation for absences, possible referral to IST/SST,  actions taken may include referral to the Board’s Attendance Counsellor and/or recommendation to enlist the aid of outside agencies and/or alternative educational programs.

Detentions: Teachers as well as Administrators may assign detentions as part of progressive discipline for a variety of reasons, including the need to counsel about poor behaviour or attendance. A detention takes priority over extracurricular and/or co-instructional activities. 

**Students who do not attend classes on a regular basis may be declared ineligible for participation in co-curricular activities and events.**


NOTE:   Participation in co-curricular activities will be suspended until student demonstrates regular attendance !