Student Activities


Student Activity Fee:  The fee for the 2022- 2023 school year is $60.00. This includes a photo I.D./ Student Activity Card, a copy of the East York’s Yearbook and the right to:

· participate on athletic teams;

· participate in noon-hour intramural competitions in the gym;

· join any number of the myriad of organizations/clubs and/or groups;

· purchase tickets to school dances/semi-formal;

· purchase tickets to the prom;

· attend leadership camps or student seminars 

· check materials out of the library.

In addition to the student activity fee there may be occasions where students are required to pay a fee for an enhancement to a particular course over and above what is required to obtain the credit in that course or a user fee to participate in an extra-curricular activity.

Student Activity Council (SAC)

The SAC represents the interests of the East York student body in the affairs of the school. It is made up of an executive as well as grade representatives.  The council is elected each year in the spring.  It provides an excellent opportunity to play a strong leadership role at East York, to learn important skills while serving the school and community and for personal growth. A successful council enhances the culture and climate of our school thus providing a positive environment for both staff and students to succeed. Funding for all clubs and most sports teams comes from the sale of SAC/ID cards and from fund-raising activities.

Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentors of EYCI are senior students who provide support to incoming grade 9 students in their transition to high school through regular home form visits. They also support activities such as grade 9 Head Start to High School and other grade 9 related events throughout the school year.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are senior students who provide support to grade 10, 11, or 12 students who are new to EYCI by providing the students and their families with tours of the school. They also support important events around the school such as photo day, parents night, commencement, our annual pathways fair, and many others. 

Yearbook Committee

Each year, East York’s Yearbook Committee produces an outstanding yearbook. Student photographers, writers and designers capture moments in East York’s history and create a memory that will last a lifetime. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. 

East York Athletic Association (EYAA)

The East York Athletic Association strives to increase student awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Students take part in lunchtime intramural activities, healthy snack initiatives and leadership conferences to gain an understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.  The EYAA not only supports our school team athletes, but promotes physical activity for all East York students to participate in.  

East York Environmental Club (EYEC)

Every classroom and hallway is equipped with a BLUE BOX for paper recycling. Almost any type of paper, EXCEPT tissues and paper towels, can go in these boxes. BLUE BOXES are also available around the school for aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, milk cartons, and juice boxes.  Please – recyclable material ONLY in the recycling bins! 

School Council Meetings 

The school council for EYCI has been created to enhance students’ learning through the co-operative efforts of parents, students, staff members and others in the community.  New members are always welcome. The council is an excellent forum for parents/guardians to learn about the programs and the facilities at East York. The school meetings take place four times per year.  The dates are found in the google school calendar and begin at 6:30 p.m. in East York’s Meeting Room (Room 158). 

Extra-Curricular Activities

East York offers a wide range of activities and encourages students to participate in activities outside the classroom. EYCI believes in academics first and as a result has an academic eligibility policy that governs student participation in these activities.  The following is a list of activities that have been offered at EYCI.  Please note that the list is subject to change. Get involved!

EYCI Co-Curricular Activities 

Clubs                                       Time

Black Student Association        All Year

 Board Games Club                 Oct-June

Breakfast Program                    All year

Bulldog Radio                           All year

Cheer Squad                            All year

Chess                                       All year

Choir                                         All year

Concert Band                            All year

Dance Club                               All year

DECA                                        All year

East Yorker (Newspaper)          All year

East York Vhoit                          All year

Environmental Club                   All year

EYCI Website                            All year

Greek Student Association        Spring

HOSA                                        Jan-June

Law Club                                    All year

GSA                                           All year

Mental Health Awareness          Feb-May

Prom Committee                       All year

Robotics Team                          All year

Stage Crew                               All year

Yearbook Club                          All year 

Student Leadership 

East York Athletic Assoc.          All year

GSA                                          All year

Mindfulness                              All year

Morning Announcements         All year

Peer Mentors                           All year

Peer Mediation                        All year

Student Government               All year

Student Ambassadors             All year

Sports Teams 

Badminton (Co-Ed) Feb. – April

Baseball (Boys) April – June

Basketball (Jr, Sr Girls) Sept. – Oct.

Basketball (Ban, Jr, Sr Boys) Nov. – Feb.

Cricket April- June

Cross Country (Boys, Girls) Sept. – Nov.

Field Hockey (Girls) Sept. – Nov.

Football (Junior Boys) Sept. – Nov.

Football (Senior Boys) Sept. – Dec.

Golf  Sept. – Oct. 

Ice Hockey (Boys & Girls) Oct. – Feb. 

Lacrosse (Boys & Girls) April – June

Rugby (Boys and Girls7’s) Sept.-Nov

Rugby (Boys and Girls15’s) March-June

Soccer (Jr & Sr. Boys) Sept. – Nov.

Soccer  Indoor (Jr, Sr Boys) Feb. - Mar

Soccer (Girls) April - June

Softball (Girls) April - June

Swimming   Nov.–March

Tennis Sept. - June

Track&Field, Indoor(Co-Ed) Jan. - March

Track&Field, Outdoor(Co-Ed)Feb. – June

Volleyball (Beach) April - June

Volleyball (Jr, Sr Boys) Sept. – Nov.

Volleyball (Co-Ed) April – June

Volleyball (Jr, Sr Girls) Nov. – Feb

EYCI co-curricular Eligibility Policy

East York Collegiate Institute offers students numerous opportunities to   enhance their educational experience through extra-curricular activities. In order to participate in these activities, it is every student’s responsibility to achieve to the best of their abilities in the school community. Student’s must , therefore, fulfill the following requirements: 

  1. Student must have paid their $60 SAC Fee.
  2. Students must attend all of their classes on a regular basis and demonstrate excellent effort and deportment (attitude and behaviour).
  3. Students must be full-time registered students with 6 courses minimum
  4. Student athletes are expected to participate responsibly in their classes by   completing assignments and homework, contributing positively in classroom discussions, seeking extra help when necessary and following the teacher’s directions at all times
  5. Student behaviour and attitude in school as well as during sporting activities must be consistent with the EYCI/TDSB Codes of Conduct.
  6. Athletes must adhere strictly to T.D.S.S.A.A. Behaviour Code
  7. Students must:
    • be medically fit for the activity
    • have adequate insurance
    • have parental permission to participate

8. Students must be able to commit to the responsibilities of the particular   activity as set out by the staff advisor or coach in order to continue participating in the activity.

9. If a student does not meet these expectations, they will be asked to   consult with a staff advisor and administrator to be considered for further  participation in school co-curricular activities.