Code of Conduct

Schools are one of the cornerstones of our community, designed to help ensure students grow into independent, lifelong learners through the acquisition of values, knowledge, understanding, and life skills. We know that a school environment founded on respect is essential to this personal growth. The purpose of the East York Student Code of Conduct is to set out and/or clarify specific expectations regarding student behaviour that is conducive to a safe, respectful and welcoming learning environment. It is the responsibility of every student to know and adhere to the standards set out in this code.  This will ensure our community is one in which self respect as well as respect for others, property and learning are at the core of our community that is East York.



Students at East York: 

· are punctual, and attend and engage themselves in all classes

· engage in the larger school community when at East York

· conduct themselves responsibly, always using appropriate language

· make healthy choices – say NO to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use

· strive for excellence in all that they do

· prepare for work and/or post-secondary education

Class Time: Students are expected to be present and on time for every class. Good attendance is essential if a student is to be successful. If a student must be absent due to illness, personal or family reasons, or school authorized  activities, it is the responsibility of the absent student to determine the material or work covered during the absence and to complete the work prior to the next class. 

Academic Performance: Students are responsible for assisting in creating a positive learning environment in each subject classroom and the school as a whole.  Students are expected to participate responsibly in their learning by completing assignments and homework, contributing positively in classroom discussions, seeking extra help when necessary and following the teacher’s directions at all times.

Photo ID: Students are expected to carry the East York photo ID at all times while on school property or while participating in school events.

Classroom Decorum: Each student has the right to an orderly classroom environment.  A student who disrupts this environment infringes on the rights of others in the class and will face proportionate and progressive sanctions should the behaviour continue.

Spares: Students who have a spare must be in the library or cafeteria for quiet study.  They are not to be in the hallway or to visit their lockers while classes are in session. Senior students who have a last period spare, and not involved in after school activity, are to leave the building.

Brimmed Hats and Hoods: Brimmed hats and hoods that conceal identity are required to be removed immediately upon entry into the school in order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

Bulky Outdoor Wear, Coats, Sweaters/Hoodies: No bulky outdoor wear/coats, sweaters or hoodies are to be brought to and/or worn in classes or worn in any EYCI hallway at any time.  Students are to remove these items immediately upon entry into the building and store them in their assigned locker.

Personal Communication Devices - Including all Cell Phones and/or Personal Music Playing Devices:  All personal communication devices must be powered off and stored completely out of view during all instructional classes   except with the express permission of the classroom teacher granted immediately prior to each use.   

Gambling: Games of chance for the exchange of money (Gambling), in any form are not permitted anywhere on or near school property.

Alcohol and Drugs: Alcohol and/or illegal drugs are not to be brought onto or consumed on school property or at any school activities including excursions.  The possession and/or use of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated. Students under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed at school or at school-sponsored events.

Smoking OR Vaping (includes E-Cigarettes and Tobacco): All TDSB schools are tobacco and vape free. Provincial laws prohibit smoking or vaping on school property. Students will be warned (by announcements and Fireside Chats) early in the year about the consequences of noncompliance.  Should an incident occur subsequent to these warnings, more severe sanctions may be applied including the issuance of a by-law enforcement ticket for smoking or vaping or being in the possession of said substances or paraphernalia. 

Roller Blades and Skateboards: Skateboards, Rollerblades and the like are not to be used in school or on school property at any time.   Upon entry into the school, they must be immediately stored in a locker. Under no circumstances are they to be taken to class and/or carried in the hallways  throughout the day.

Lockers: A specific locker is issued to each student for his/her personal use by his/her homeroom teacher. A DUDLEY combination lock must be used and the combination must be submitted at the time the locker is issued otherwise the locker cannot be officially assigned.  All locks on lockers that have not been officially assigned will be cut.  Do not bring valuables or money to school nor keep them in your locker.  The locker is the property of the school. Defacing or damaging lockers will be considered vandalism. Do not share your locker!  You will be held accountable for its contents even if the item in question belongs to someone with whom you are sharing. Combinations are to be kept confidential. 


Students at East York:

· are punctual, and attend and engage themselves in all classes

· engage in the larger school community when at East York

· cooperate with all in a courteous and friendly manner

· contribute to racial and religious harmony

· accept others’ abilities and views

· respect and care for their environment

· demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills

Civility: Courteous and considerate treatment of others is expected at all times.  Students will use language that reflects respect not only for themselves, but also for other people.

Hall Expectations: Students loitering in the halls when classes are in session destroy the positive learning environment, therefore students are prohibited from being in any hallway during class time even if on a study period (see Spares).  When  students are excused from class they must sign the “Classroom Sign in/Sign Out Sheet” every time they leave the classroom. They must sign their name, time out, reason and time in.  These sheets must be kept in the classroom.  

Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying: Harassment and Discrimination:  Both are prohibited under the Ontario Human Rights Code.  The Toronto District School Board Policies will be followed.  “Harassment” is engaging in any annoying and/or provoking comment or conduct that is considered unwelcome.  Whereas, “Discrimination” is any practice or behaviour, whether intentional or not, which has a negative effect on an individual or group because of their age, creed (faith), disability, ethnic origin, family status, gender, marital status, race, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.  “Bullying” is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Engaging in any annoying and/or provocative comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome either verbally or via print, electronic media, or hard copy that serves to offend threaten, ridicule, or defame is considered bullying and/or harassment.

DRESS CODE: All students at East York Collegiate Institute must follow the TDSB Student Dress Policy at all times during the school day  (including lunch) as well as while participating in any school-sanctioned programs, trips and/or events.  Refer to the Student Dress Policy section of the agenda.

Life Threatening Allergies - Risk of Anaphylactic Shock:  Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal.  Conservative estimates are that one in fifty Canadians suffers from extreme life-threatening allergies to certain foods,  medications, insect bites, or non-food materials such as latex.  A number of East York Collegiate students are allergic to peanuts, milk, shell fish and/or latex. Exposure to even a minute amount of the substance to which they are allergic can trigger an anaphylactic reaction.  Students are strongly advised not to bring peanut products to school.  In order to limit exposure to the other above listed foods students are asked to consume food products on the first floor of the school and are prohibited from bringing any latex materials such as balloons, rubber bands, etc.

Scent Awareness:  Due to the health concerns arising from exposure to scented products staff, students, parents and visitors are asked to refrain from using such products when they intend to come into East York Collegiate.  Individuals with scent sensitivity report that certain odours, even in the smallest amounts, can trigger an attack.  The severity of symptoms can vary. Some people report mild irritation while others may be very severely affected and/or must give up 'normal' activities due to incapacitation.  We want our school to be an inclusive, welcoming and safe        environment for all. To help achieve this we ask that you also refrain from discharging scented products in all areas of the school including washrooms hallways and classrooms.

 Assemblies:   All students including those on spare must attend.

· Attendance at an assembly is a PRIVILEGE

· No backpacks, food/drink, gum/candy etc. allowed

· Listen/obey instructions from any/all TDSB staff

· Upon arrival fill seats from the front of Auditorium

· There should not be an empty seat in front of you

· If there is, move up into the unoccupied seat

· No talking during a performance or presentation

· Latecomers must wait for a natural break to enter

· The cafeteria will be closed during all assemblies

· Applause is the proper way to show appreciation

· Be respectful of all performers

Visitors/Trespassing: All visitors to the school are required to report immediately to the main office to explain the purpose of the visit in order to obtain a visitor’s pass.  This pass will be issued at the discretion of the administration. Visitors in the school without a pass are trespassers and will be dealt with as such.  Any East York students found with a trespasser will be disciplined and parents will be informed. Similarly East York students are not to visit other schools and are instead expected to meet friends off school and other TDSB property.

Use of the Cafeteria:   During lunch, all food and beverages should be consumed in the cafeteria or on the First Floor—ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED ON THE SECOND FLOOR.  Students are expected to clean up after themselves, placing all garbage and recyclables in one of the appropriate containers provided throughout the school. No food or drink except water, when appropriate, may be consumed in the classrooms and under no circumstances are food or drink of any description to be consumed in any of the science classrooms or computerized labs.

Parking: No student parking allowed in EYCI Parking Lots. The front and rear parking lots are reserved for EYCI teachers, TDSB Employees and visitors to the school on official school business (i.e. Parents attending at the school to meet with the Administration). There is to be no parking in fire routes or the front driveway.  The TDSB is not responsible for damage to cars parked on Board property. Unauthorized and/or Unlawfully parked cars will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Responsibility to Identify Oneself: For the security and safety of all, students must identify themselves when requested to do so by any staff member, AND to report to the office immediately should you be instructed to do so by any member of staff.

Office Protocol: A student who has been instructed by a teacher or any other adult in the building to go to the office must proceed directly to the office, complete a discipline form and wait in the office (Do Not Leave) until seen by an administrator.

Lost and Found: Found items should be turned into the Main Office.


Students at East York:

· are punctual, attend and engage themselves in all classes

· take pride in their school community

· are accountable for all actions/omissions

· understand they are role models

· use the facilities/grounds in a safe and respectful manner

· are committed to all environmental initiatives to Recycle/Reuse/Reduce 

· act with honesty/integrity in all that they do

· fulfill commitments to fellow students, teachers, administration, staff, coaches, teammates and/or club members

EYCI Computers and the TDSB Online Code of Conduct - The computer services and network at East York CI and the TDSB exist to benefit students in their everyday tasks and to enrich the learning environment in the school.  Users must adhere to the TDSB’s Online Code of Conduct (PR571) which is described in the TDSB pages in this agenda and available in its entirety at  It is expected that students, at all times,  use technology available to them in a responsible and respectful manner to further academic pursuits in relation to research preparation and presentation of school related assignments.

EYCI Is an EcoSchool : Various groups undertake numerous environmental Initiatives geared toward recycling, reusing and reducing waste in our community.  We have undertaken to reduce the waste that results from the student body’s dependency on bottled water by  installing  hydration stations (water bottle filling stations) and providing a stainless steel water bottle to each EYCI student (from a portion of the SAC fee).  With your cooperation this initiative stands to be a tremendous success and is in all of our best interests. 

Physical Aggression and Fighting: Any form of bullying, physical aggression, fighting, verbal threats or intimidation is strictly forbidden in the school, anywhere on school property, or at any school related activity. This includes play fighting, water fights, and food fights.

Weapons: Students are prohibited from possessing weapons, imitations or toy versions of weapons, or any object that is used, threatened to be used, or is reasonable to perceive as a weapon while on school property or during any school-sponsored events regardless of location. For example (but not limited to) pocket knives, laser pointers and box cutters.

Academic Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities: Extra-curricular involvement is strongly encouraged at East York.  In order to be eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity students must have paid their SAC fee in full, possess a valid student activity card and meet the academic eligibility requirements as outlined in East York’s academic eligibility policy.

Property Damage, Graffiti and Vandalism: Students must take care of textbooks, library books, equipment and uniforms loaned by the school. Students are to treat the school building, grounds and property with respect and care. Students who damage or lose school property will be required to pay costs for the repair or replacement of said property.

Fire Alarm: The pulling of a false fire alarm jeopardizes the safety of all staff and students in the school and is punishable upon conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada.   If a fire alarm rings, evacuate the building, without stopping for coats, via the designated exit and clear all driveways and fire routes. Familiarize yourself with the directions posted in each classroom. Students will be notified when it is safe to re-enter the building.

Change of Address / Phone Number: Any change of address or telephone number(s) for home or parent/guardians at work or emergency contact(s) must be reported to the office in writing as soon as possible. This is a requirement by law.

Emergency Procedures: All students are required to know and follow emergency procedures as posted in the school.

Accidents & Accident Insurance: All accidents must be reported to the supervising teacher or the office immediately. An electronic accident report must be completed as soon as possible, whether or not the injured student has accident insurance.

Excursions & Athletic Activities:  School sponsored excursions and athletic activities are encouraged, however, students are reminded that while out of the school, they still represent East York Collegiate and therefore must behave appropriately by demonstrating respect for self, for others and for property. Students on excursions and athletic activities are also responsible for all work missed. Arrangements with teachers should be made well in advance of the activity.

Athletic Events at EYCIOnly students from EYCI are permitted to attend and attendance is contingent on the presences of appropriate staff supervision. Students must present a valid East York SAC/ID card to gain entrance to the event.

Role of Spectators:   Every spectator must:

· Cheer in a positive manner, refrain from use of profanity, taunting, threatening

· Respect the decisions of the officials, and do not interfere with the game in any manner

· Respect the athletic facilities & property, exiting quickly/orderly at end of game

· Respect the authority of supervising TDSB staff

· Adhere to all TDSB Codes of Behaviour

· Leave the venue quickly/orderly at end of game


Failure to comply with the East York Student Code of Conduct will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, considering the unique individual circumstances of the student involved as well as all applicable mitigating circumstances to arrive at an appropriate consequence.  Consequences can range from a verbal reprimand, office referral, notification of parent(s)/guardian(s), detention and/or formal suspension to an ultimate expulsion depending on the frequency and/or severity of the behaviour.  

The Toronto District School Board has set out consequences for all inappropriate behaviour that all schools must follow.