My Blueprint Education Planner

My Blueprint . . . plan your secondary school education!  East York CI is pleased to provide an educational planning resource available immediately to you at school or from home. MyBlueprint Education Planner ( 

 You can use to:

· Plan your high school courses

· See what post-secondary opportunities your course choices will qualify you for

· See what post-secondary options are available across Canada (including information on co-curricular activities, school fees, and academic programming)

· Create your Individual Pathways Plan, to help you set goals and reach them!

· Complete the “Explorations” interest inventory to see what future occupations you might enjoy

· Explore occupations in Canada (including employment prospects, salary projections, and links to related sites to help your research)

· Build your resume and cover letter for prospective employers

· Create a financial plan to help make your goals achievable

 Please contact Student Services or email with any questions.

Students: To access the site, visit and select your school from the school dropdown menu. If you already have an account, you may log-in from the same site. Always enter your OEN number when asked.  It can be located at the top of your timetable or Credit Counselling Summary. 

Parents and Guardians can also have a myBlueprint account! 

Go to and select East York C. I. from the dropdown menu.  Register as a parent and you will have free access to the same resources as your child.  Link to their account and you will be able to browse opportunities independently, while having access to your child’s course selection information and Individual Pathways Planning (IPP) completion.