Program Organization

Well Being-Creating Pathways to Success 9/10 

Mr. M. Atzemis
Well Being-Creating Pathways to Success 11/12  Ms. K. McCormick
Business & Technology - SHSM, ICT  Mr. J. Marlowe
English & ESL  Ms. M. Marchese
French (Core & Immersion)  Ms. H. Glow
Geography & Environmental Leadership Mr. C. Grosney
Health & Physical Education/Co-Curriculars, Intramurals and Healthy Living  Mr. S. Driscoll
History/Social Sciences & the Humanities/Student Voice Ms. D. Brown
Literacy & Learning Resource Ms. E. Vernuccio
Mathematics Ms. E. Paget
Numeracy & STEM Ms. Leung
Science Ms. K. Hang
Special Education - Equity/Inclusive Classrooms  Mr. P. Wesley
Achievement Initiatives (Student Success) 9/10  Ms. N. Corneau
Achievement Initiatives 11/12  Ms. J. Wilson
The Arts Mr. E. Nolan