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Student Support Services - Guidance Services Available

Guidance Counsellors are available to provide educational and career information as well as to discuss any matter of concern that may have an impact on your progress.  Arrange to see a Guidance Counsellor if you wish assistance. East York C.I. counsellors work with students through individual academic and career counselling sessions, classroom visits, school assemblies, special programs, referrals to community agencies, college/university applications, course selection, liaison with feeder schools and referral to night school or summer school .

If you have a question and/ or concern, counsellors will be happy to assist you.  Guidance appointments will be booked online using a new process.  Instructions on how to do this will be shared in the Guidance Brightspace and the biweekly Guidance Updates emailed to students and families.  It is very important that all students join the Guidance Brightspace to receive updates on important opportunities, events, and due dates throughout the year.  

Sample Reasons for Visiting Student Support Services:

· To ask for information regarding secondary school courses and program pathways to your post-secondary destination of choice.

· To discuss different course pathways, or electives to ensure informed course selections.

· To discuss social/emotional challenges you may be facing (anxiety, depression, making healthy choices, familial relationships, peer relationships, etc.)

· Learn more about the referral process for educational testing, meeting with a social worker or about joining a support program or accessing information on a wide range of health-related topics

· To discuss EYCI’s Mental Health & Wellness programs

· To discuss EYCI’s Mindfulness Without Borders Program

· To discuss and/or access planning resources

· My BluePrint Education Planner –

· Discover post-secondary opportunities (university, apprenticeship, college, workplace)

· Access information on scholarships

· Check postings for job opportunities or Community Involvement 

· Submit your Community Involvement hours

· Find information about how to access EYCI Peer Tutors

· Get a copy of your IEP accommodations to keep in your binder 

· Learn more about opportunities at East York C. I. (Specialist High Skills Major - Manufacturing, Co-Op, Dual Credits, Apprenticeships, Credit Recovery, etc.)

· Sign-up for Night School or Summer School


EYCI Course Selection takes place early in Semester 2.  It is important that students make every effort to effectively select courses for the coming school year.  Guidance Counsellors assist in this process. Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their counsellor regarding course selection, timetable changes and post-secondary pathways.

After the Course Selection time, the ability to request course changes is limited. 

In September 2022, necessary course changes may be requested during the first week of classes. Throughout the school year, students will be notified of specific times when they may request course changes for the upcoming semester or quads. Requests for teacher changes will not be considered. Students must continue to attend their scheduled classes while waiting for any timetable requests to be processed.

Students may request a course change through an online timetable change request form, or pick up a paper copy from the Guidance Office. The link to the online EYCI course change request form will be posted on the EYCI Guidance remote classroom site ( Brightspace). 

NIGHT School, Summer School and eLearning Summer GUIDELINES

Registration for all night and summer school credit courses may be  completed online at: 

Students must submit a signed parent/guardian permission form to the 

Guidance Office.For remote learners, a signed PDF or email from your parent/guardian can substitute the paper copy.  (Emails must come from a parent/guardian email account and include the student's name, student number, the course requested, and method of delivery).  

All course requests require the approval of a Guidance Counsellor

Night School

1. The TDSB offers a limited number of night school credits courses at various locations in each semester.  Courses run two nights a week from 6:30-9:30 pm for the duration of the semester.

2. The student must have completed the prerequisite for the requested course prior to the start of the night school course. 

3. If a course if offered at EYCI day school, it cannot be taken at night school unless the course cannot be timetabled due to a scheduling conflict or the course is full.

Summer School 

1. The TDSB offers both Credit Recovery and full credit courses at various locations during the month of July.

2. Remedial courses are for students who were unsuccessful in a credit over the past two years

3. For full credit courses, students must have earned the prerequisite for the course prior to the star to the summer school course.

eLearning Summer

Registration for eLearning summer school begins in early April.  Students may take one course per summer session (July/August) regardless of the format.  eLearning summer school courses follow a very independent study model and require students to manage their time and navigate the course without synchronous classes.  Additional information and registration can be found at