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Resource Centre (

The EYCI library is an amazing learning commons that holds approximately 30,000 print resources and offers students extensive on-line resources.  It provides students and teachers with current, contemporary resources supporting curricular needs and a diverse community. Teacher Librarians value, promote and teach effective research techniques for both print and electronic resources. As the largest interdisciplinary classroom in the school, the library offers tremendous opportunities for diversified instruction and caters to all of the multiple intelligences. East York Library provides a safe and supportive learning environment for every student.  The diverse facilities also include; electronic data bases, electronic encyclopedias and e books; study carrels; a computer lab; computer work stations, and table areas for study groups. Students are required to use their Student Cards to borrow print materials and for the use of computers. The TDSB supports student research at home providing well over $1,000,000 worth of electronic resources.  Refer to the directions below for home access.

Library Resources include:

Fiction and Nonfiction books, Graphic Novels, Reference books, Magazines

Library Volunteers:

The library provides opportunities for students to earn volunteer hours towards their Diploma. Students are welcome to inquire and fill out an application.

On-line Resources include:

Library Catalogue, Databases, Encyclopedias, EBooks, Secondary Subject Links, Research Tools for MLA and APA citations.  Students may borrow up to 5 items at one time.  There is a late fee of 10 cents per day for each overdue item. Students are responsible for damaged or lost library materials and a replacement cost will be charged. 

Special Events

Throughout the year there are many special events such as author visits and speakers in the library.  Check out the library bulletin board in the hall for  announcements. 

TDSB Virtual Library

Your TDSB Virtual Library is open 24/7 from school or home with digital resources and tools to help you, your teachers and families with your learning. For your school’s access to the Virtual Library from home connect to: or through your AW login.

On the Virtual Library, click on the left navigation bar and/or the icons on the centre of the page to access the resources. ‘Online Databases’ are searchable collections of information from different sources (books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines and videos), which you search all at once. Most have read-a-loud and translation features. Digital ‘Encyclopedias’ include current information, maps, and images to support curriculum subjects. ‘eBooks’ are digital versions of a print books that can be read online. Images & Media includes images, streamed video and music that can be searched by topic. The Research Toolkit includes student research guides.

For more information please ask your teacher-librarian or email

Library Use

· Research and study are the primary focus of the library.

· Classes take priority; students on spares can visit if space allows.

· Students are expected to adhere to the East York Student Code of Conduct.

· During classes students must have teacher permission to visit. 

· Computer use is restricted to school-related work. 

· On-line Code of Conduct outlined in the student agenda 

· the library emphasizes four stages of research: preparing for research; accessing resources; processing information, and transferring learning for all class use. 

· graphic organizers, note making sheets, bibliographic sheets for print and non-print materials are available for student use

· No food, No drink, No cell phones/electronic devices

TDSB School Library Website

The Toronto District School Board provides a School Library Research Website personalized for our school with excellent published electronic resources and links to vetted  Internet sites for use at school and at home. For access go to www.eyci.caand select the Library link. (This is the easiest way to access the Library Research site) Students require passwords for at home use. Passwords are available in the Library Information Centre. Revised passwords will be available at the beginning of the school year.

Computers and Printing

· printing from computer  – 10 cents per page

· photocopier – 10 cents per page 

· Social networking or gaming sites are forbidden

· Computer privileges will be revoked for inappropriate use.