Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Series Title: Dustlands

Books: Blood Red Road - Rebel Heart - Raging Star

Author:Moira Young

Katniss Everdeen? Tris Prior? Are you looking for more? If you like novels with a strong female lead in an alternative dystopian world then the Dustlands series is the perfect book! Filled with action, adventure, romance, and excitement - this book has it all! Not to mention, the perfect male lead for our perfect female lead! This book will have you turning pages after pages non-stop throughout! I guarantee that every YA reader will love thins. One word to describe my experience: mind-blowing. Well-paced and a very unique writing style - Moira Young has become one of my favourite authors to date. Each book in the series will have you craving for more. Make sure to read Dustlands and don't miss out!

Review by: Audrey David