CWS/Social Sciences and the Humanities


The Canadian and World Studies/Social Sciences and Humanities department at Laurier offers students an opportunity to take fun, interactive and engaging classes. We have courses for every student and every type of learner in our department. Our courses give student essential knowledge and transferable skills that are applicable in their personal and family lives as well as in their post-secondary studies and in the workplace.

Students are given a change to explore topics in our courses that focus on:

  • The relationship of individuals to each other, their environment and country
  • A whole world perspective on important global, community and personal issues
  • Individual and collective human behaviour and needs
  • Patterns and trends in society

Students gain:

  • Experience in researching information from a variety of sources
  • Thinking critically about the facts and ideas they gather
  • Using information to solve problems through both independent effort and collaborative work

A strong foundation in the courses offered in our department is essential for all students as they provide an understanding of our changing world. Individual courses provide students with a foundation for a variety of possible post-secondary destinations: anthropology, business studies, education, environmental studies, food and nutrition programs, health sciences, human resources, psychology, sociology, social work, law, early childhood education and child and youth work.