Bullying, Discipline and Reporting

The TDSB takes bullying seriously. Every student has the right to feel safe and welcome at school, and be treated with respect, dignity and understanding. All students and staff have responsibility for contributing to an environment where everyone’s human rights are respected in school.
As a system, we focus efforts on prevention and creating a welcoming school community. Staff and students are educated on what bullying looks like and how to report.

If you hear, see, or experience any of the following, report it. Speak with a caring adult, talk to your principal and/or call the Student Safety Line.
• name calling or threats;
• racist, discriminatory or hateful remarks;
• unwelcome remarks or slurs;
• obscene gestures or jokes;
• unwanted touching or sexual bullying;
• online harassment;
• derogatory or offensive materials;
• threats of outing someone;
• intimidation or physical violence; or,
• anything else that negatively affects an individual or group.

All school staff are required to report serious incidents that could lead to suspension or expulsion to the school principal or vice-principal. When a student has been harmed, the principal must also notify the parents/guardians of all the students involved. In the event of bullying, we provide support for the students who have been bullied and who engaged in bullying behaviours, as well as those who have been impacted in other ways. By working together with staff, students and community, we are able to address inappropriate student behaviour and build strategies that promote and foster positive behaviours.