Application and Admissions

All students who have an interest and passion for a particular area may apply to the centralized schools and programs. Students are encouraged to attend Open House events and research the programs before submitting their application.

The online application will be open from November 6 to 24, 2023 at 4 p.m. Where the number of applicants exceed the number of spaces available in a program, all eligible applicants will be included in the random selection process.

Each type of program (i.e. the Arts) will have a consistent application outlined on the programs’ webpage. Some types of programs require a supplemental application which will be available prior to November 7.

Students can apply to up to two Centralized Programs or Schools. If applying to two choices, the applications must be ranked. If accepted to the first choice program, they will not be considered for their second choice.

Students may also opt to be considered in other programs/schools of the same focus that have availability if they are not selected for their desired school.


Additional information will be available on the central site: CLICK HERE

Please click on the following for the Laurier IB Programme Presentation 


IB Diploma Programme Coordinators Kelly Gaudette and Charis Kelso at 416-396-6820 extension 20400 or