The Arts

the arts 2

The Arts Department has something for everyone! We offer visual arts, digital arts, Drama, Drama production, Music (Band, Strings, Keyboard, Guitar and Vocal) and Dance. We believe that the Arts are essential to developing creativity, teamwork, perseverance and many other skills.

In our classes, students can:

* Perform within and outside our community (We hold 2 showcases per year)

* Create their own work

* Explore the work of others

* Learn how the Arts work

* See the arts in real life (Field trips to AGO, TSO, Recording studios, etc)

* Learn how the Arts can enhance your mental health and well-being

* Learn important life skills such as discipline, time management, creativity, collaboration and communication

Our grade 9 and 10 classes provide a strong foundation in each discipline. Senior courses help students to develop as an artist. Potential careers include: graphic design, songwriting, photography, sound design or audio engineering, acting, voice acting, public speaking, lighting designer, dancer, teacher and many, many others in Toronto's thriving and profitable film, music and TV industry.