Student Services

Welcome to Student Services!

We are here to help students acquire some of the knowledge and skills necessary for their academic, interpersonal, and career development. Our counsellors provide:

  • Individual and/or small group counselling
  • Year-round group counselling programs
  • In-class presentations
  • Student Services assemblies
  • Orientation sessions
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • Conferences and workshops
  • A variety of post-secondary planning resources


Guidance Counsellors are available by email and by phone during the COVID-19 school closure. For Mental Health and Well-Being Resources during Covid-19, visit the TDSB Mental Health and Well-Being site.

Counsellors:  Supporting  Email  Phone Extension 
 Ms. Laura Smith Surnames A-G  20043
 Ms. Dianne Hooper Surnames H-O  20041

 Ms. Julia Terry

Surnames P-Z  20042
 Ms. Julie Thomas Student Success  20044


Office Assistant:

Ms. Vanessa Primeau

School Social Worker:
Lois Fairfax

Student Services Contact Information:
416-396-6820 ext. 20040



Please join the google classroom for your/your child's grade:

Grade 9:  siss35g

Grade 10: gm7o3nz

Grade 11: xkji3yf

Grade 12: 7vf7mcp



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