COVID-19 Advisories

Scenario: a student becomes ill during the school day

Recommended action by parent and student

The parent and student should:

  • follow guidance of health care provider
  • follow guidance under return to school section
  • if a student is tested for COVID-19, follow the guidance of health care provider and related direction for isolation and returning to school. If there are other siblings or members of the household that attend school or childcare centres, advice of the health care provider should be followed on returning to school/child care centres

Return to school

While an individual suspected to have COVID-19 is waiting for test results they must be in isolation and cannot attend school in person. The individual can attend school virtually if they feel well enough to participate.

Individuals who have had a COVID-19 test because of symptoms, but who test negative should not return to school until at least 24 hours after their symptoms have resolved.

Individuals who have traveled out of the country should isolate for 14 days.

Where a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, the local PHU will be in contact with the school to provide further direction on returning to school.

Barriers to return to school, such as requirement of medical notes or proof of negative tests, should be avoided.

If an ill individual does not have COVID-19

For an ill individual who has a known alternative diagnosis provided by a health care provider, return to school can occur when symptoms are resolved for at least 24 hours.

Ministry Website 

Additional information is available on the provincial COVID-19 Ontario website.