PCI Nellie Spence Archive Room

Nellie Spence Archive Room

Parkdale Collegiate InstituteThe Nellie Spence Archive Room houses the records of the history of Parkdale Collegiate Institute. These records include documents and paper ephemera from over 127 years of the school’s existence, including yearbooks and graduation (Commencement) programmes. The Archives also includes a variety of collectible items and artefacts, ranging from photographs to CDs/films of significant celebrations, performances, and sporting events, to posters and collections of student writing.
The collection is named in honour of Miss Nellie Spence, who taught English and History at Parkdale Collegiate Institute from 1888 until her retirement in 1929. Miss Spence was a major force in the school and in the wider educational community . Her 1921 memoir, Their Name Liveth, documents the sacrifices made by the young men of the school during the Great War. In many ways, it has become the foundation of the school’s archival collection.
Over the years, the Archives has received materials donated by alumni, relatives, community members and teachers. These donations have added to our wealth of knowledge about the school and its past, and are most welcome. The Archives has also provided services and research information for relatives, researchers, staff and students on subjects relating to the archival collection and to the history of the school. It is also an important link to the Alumni Association, and supports reunions with its collection.

John Maize, former Head of History and staff member 1979 – 2013, looks after the Nellie Spence Archive Room, with the support of a committee of staff members and alumni.
Please contact him at: wj.maize@gmail.com
for any questions concerning the content of / access to the Archives, and / or donations to the Archives.
John is currently working on Parkdale’s contribution to World War I, and would welcome any letters, stories, and memorabilia relating to the 1914 -1919 period.