Parkdale CI Staff

Parkdale CI Staff



Tania Camuti

Ext. 20010            

Vice Principal

Heather Peeling

Ext. 20011

Support Staff

Kali Coleman - Office Administrator

Franca Correia - Senior Office Assitant 

Darlene Erikson - Educational Assistant

Ruchi Jha - Guidance Office Assistant

Melissa Lodge - CYW Autism

Adam de Mendonca - CYW Autism

Richardo Harvey - CYW Autism

vacant - CYW School Support (shared with Humberside CI)

Junha (Tom) Huang - Head Caretaker

David Asquini - Caretaker PM Shift Leader


Monica Ackerman  ACL - Wellbeing and Student Leadership/Co-curricular/Community Outreach

Tola Ajao  

Miro Bartnik ACL - International Baccalaureate Coordinator
Ext. 20012

Ana Cano Chang  ACL - Canadian and World Studies and Social Science/Humanities & The Arts (on leave semester 1)

Linda Cheng Semester 2

Laura Clayton Semester 2
Ramona Clayton


Farah Choudhary Semester 2

Alice Chung  

Leah Cosgrove  
Alice Donaldson

Semester 1
Naomi Dylan

Marilyn Fernandes

 Semester 1

Bhupindera Singh Ghuman


Ken Gower  

David Hack  

Katie Hamilton  

Kevin Ho-Young ACL - Special Education & ASD Program

Zainab Jamal ACL - Student Services & Coop

Shamsi Ladak ACL - Physical Health Education & Athletics

Renata Lebovits  

Terry Maguire  ACL- Library Learning Commons, Digital Literacy, Technology, Green Industries & Business

Mario Marcantonio  

Caleb McCready  ACL - Science & Computer Science

Elizabeth Mitten  

Ali Nason ACL - Student Success & SHSM
Renata Niemiec

Janice Ng

ACL - Equity, Inclusive Schols and Global Perspectives
Simona Opris

Steven Ovadya


Melanie Palka  

Giancarlo Phillips  

Liz Prosser


Neil Riddell  

Alex Roudakov


Rebecca Ryoji ACL - English, Languages, Literacy, ESL/ELL

Adam Sinnott  ACL - Mathematics, Numeracy, Sr. Physics

Sandy Steen  

Robert Young  

Peter Zambazis