PCI Brief School History

A History of Parkdale C.I.

Parkdale Collegiate Institute first opened its doors in September 1888 in the Masonic Hall on Dowling Avenue. When the town of Parkdale was annexed to the City of Toronto a year later in 1889, Parkdale High School took up its new residence on Jameson Avenue. The original school, designed by architect G.M. Miller, was renamed Jameson Avenue Collegiate Institute in 1901, a name which it bore proudly until 1910. In 1910, the school was renamed Parkdale Collegiate Institute. The original Victorian building served the community until 1928 when it was demolished; the present structure was completed in 1929. Two major additions, the last being in the 1960s, followed. Parkdale Collegiate Institute is the second oldest secondary school in the old City of Toronto.

During its more than one hundred and twenty seven years of operation, Parkdale Collegiate Institute has earned a formidable reputation in scholarship, athletics, the arts, extra curricular activities and community service. Among its many scholarship winners P.C.I. has the distinction of graduating two students who became Rhodes Scholars. Many professional athletes, politicians, educators, artists, and community leaders began their careers at P.C.I. The school community is proudest, however, of receiving students from all walks of life and from many parts of the world and helping them become successful citizens who contribute to their families, communities, cities and country.

Parkdalians have also stepped forward to serve their country in the wars of the 20th century – over 500 enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I and more than 750 served in the Canadian forces and merchant marine during World War II. Ninety-one Parkdalians paid the supreme sacrifice in the Great War; seventy-one were killed in World War II. Their names and contributions are recorded on Parkdale Collegiate Institute’s War Memorial, and in memorial books collected by their teachers and classmates.

While Parkdale Collegiate Institute has solid roots firmly planted in the past, it has always been reflective of the times, and has striven to serve the needs of its students by preparing them for the future.

“Over 125 Years of Tradition, Community, and Excellence in Education”