School Life

School Life at Richview, Endless Possibilities

The Richview Saint can grow, be challenged, learn and excel in a wide variety of extra-curricular endeavours.

Concours d'art oratoires

Canadian parents for French french speaking contest

Richview's Core, Extended and Immersion students develop and deliver their enhanced French speaking skills at speaking competitions; and Richview parents support these endeavours, each step of the way.

Leadership- Muskoka Woods

What does a Gym Riot look like? 
students in gym
Such is the visual that captures the mission to build character through colour. 
Each and every Grade 9 student is expected to work with a dozen staff and 150 
senior students to build leaders and build community.

Cooperative Education

An invaluable educational experience integrating academic study with practical experience in a job-setting. If you are interested, speak to our Cooperative Education teacher,

Educational Excursions

The Saints travel to a variety of destinations to enhance their achievement: New York City Media Studies, Music trips to Chicago and Peru; the Battle Grounds of World War 1 in France, Belgium and Holland; and, the ever popular Britain-France-Spain and Italy excursion.
FlorenceMonacoVimy RidgeMachu Picchu