List of Courses

Please note this is a tentative list of course offerings for the upcoming July session!
The Toronto District School Board reserves the right to cancel classes. A preliminary list of cancelled courses will be available on the website three days prior to the close of registration.

Grade 10
CHV2OE4/5 Civics (English/ French), Open
GLC2OE4/5 Career Studies (English/French), Open

Grade 11
BAF3ME Financial Accounting Fundamentals, University / College
CGG3OE Travel and Tourism: A regional Geography Perspective, Open
EMS3OE Media Studies, Open
ENG3CE English, College Preparation
ENG3UE English, University Preparation
FSF3UE Core French, University

GWL3OE Designing Your Future, Open
HPC3OE Parenting, Open
HSP3UE An Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, University
ICS3UE Introduction to Computer Science, University Preparation
MBF3CE Foundations for College Mathematics, College Preparation
MCF3ME Functions and Applications, University/ College Preparation
MCR3UE Functions and Applications, University/ College Preparation
PPZ3CE Health for Life, College Preparation
SBI3UE Biology, University Preparation
SCH3UE Chemistry, University Preparation
SVN3ME Environmental Science, University/ College Preparation

Grade 12
BAT4ME Financial Accounting Principles, University / College Preparation
BBB4ME International Business Fundamentals, Univ./ Coll. Preparation
BOH4ME Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, University / College Preparation
CGW4UE Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, University Preparation
CHY4UE World History: The West and the World, University Preparation
CIA4UE Analysing Current Economic Issues, University Preparation
ENG4CE English, College Preparation
ENG4UE English, University Preparation
EWC4UE The Writer's Craft, University Preparation
FSF4UE Core French, University Preparation
HHS4UE Families in Canada, University Preparation
HNB4ME The World of Fashion, University/ College preparation
HSB4UE Challenge and Change in Society, University Preparation
HZT4UE Philosophy: Questions and Theories, University Preparation
ICS4UE Computer Science, University Preparation
MAP4CE Foundations for College Mathematics
MCV4UE Calculus and Vectors, University Preparation
MDM4UE Mathematics of Data Management, University Preparation
MHF4UE Advanced Functions, University Preparation
OLC4OE Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, Open
SBI4UE Biology, University preparation
SCH4UE Chemistry, University Preparation
SES4UE Earth and Space Science, University Preparation
SPH4UE Physics, University Preparation