How to Register for a Day School e-Learning Course


Quad 1 2021/22 e-Learning Day School Registration will be open for students on Wednesday June 16th, 2021 by 9:00am. Please note students are not enrolled into courses until they have been approved by their homeschool guidance counsellors.


Future Quad registration dates will be released here and via school Guidance Counsellors as soon as they are approved. 


Step 1: Student Requests



Step 2: Parent Requests


  • Print out the “important...”.pdf that was attached to your course request confirmation email
  • If you are under 18 ask your parent or guardian to sign the consent form
  • If you are over 18 you can sign the consent form yourself
  • Make an appointment to see your Guidance Counsellor ASAP - you’re NOT ENROLLED until they approve your course request!


Step 3: Guidance Approval Process


  • Take your signed consent form to your appointment with your Guidance Counsellor
  • Your guidance counsellor will either approve or deny your course request
  • Only after your counsellor approved your request are you actually enrolled in your e-Learning course


Ready to Get Started?

Login to e-Reg using your TDSB student number and your computer network password!

What if your password doesn’t work? The e-Learning Central Office & Enterprise Help Desk cannot reset student network passwords. Teachers at your school with Student Account Manager Systems (SAMS) access are able to reset student network passwords. Usually guidance counsellors, teacher-librarians or teachers who supervise computer labs (for example: business, computer studies or communications technology teachers) know how to reset passwords.