School Year 2021/22 eLearning Day School


Semester 2 e-Learning Day School Registration is now open and will continue until 10am on February 17; however, many courses will likely fill up well before this date. Please note that courses are subject to change. 


When a course is full, and closed for enrollment, it will be highlighted in gray Course is Full
When a course has a wait list it will be highlighted in orange Course has a Wait List


Prerequisite information and course descriptions can be obtained through the Choices website.


Course Update: the following courses have been cancelled due to low initial enrollment.

BTA3OE Grade 11 Information & Communication Tech.: The Digital Environment
ENG4CE Grade 12 English, College Preparation


Semester 2, 2022

Semester 2: February 3 to June 29, 2022 Full Registration Opened December 6 at 10am
BBB4ME Grade 12 International Business Fundamentals, University/College Preparation
BOH4ME Grade 12 Business Leadership, University/College Preparation
CGR4ME Grade 12 The Environment & Resources, University/College Preparation
EMS3OE Grade 11 Media Studies, Open
ENG3UE Grade 11 English, University Preparation
ENG4UE Grade 12 English, University Preparation
ETS4UE Grade 12 Literature Studies, University Preparation
HHG4ME Grade 12 Human Development Throughout the Lifespan, Univ./Coll. Prep.
HSB4UE Grade 12 Challenge and Change in Society, University Preparation
HSC4ME Grade 12 World Cultures, Univ./Coll. Prep. 
HZT4UE Grade 12 Philosophy, University Preparation
ICS4UE Grade 12 Computer Studies, University Preparation
MCV4UE Grade 12 Calculus, University Preparation
MDM4UE Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management 
NDW4ME Grade 12 Issues of Indigenous Peoples, University/ College Preparation
PLF4ME Grade 12 Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership
PPZ3CE Grade 11 Health for Life, College Preparation
SBI4UE Grade 12 Biology, University Preparation
SCH4UE Grade 12 Chemistry, University Preparation
SPH4UE Grade 12 Physics, University Preparation
SVN3ME Grade 11 Environmental Science, University/College Preparation