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Group Dynamics Gr. 4

Team-building, challenge and problem-solving are the essence of the day.  Through a series of large and small group activities, students will practice and use skills like communication and cooperation to help them accomplish these challenges.  Character Development will be central to all activities, as students will be encouraged to support classmates, persevere, and enjoy the day with each other celebrating their successes and self-assessing their own progress!

Overall Expectations

Health and Physical Education:

  • A2. demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being physically active, and apply physical fitness concepts and practices that contribute to healthy, active living;
  • A3. demonstrate responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others as they participate in physical activities

Students in three legged raceSpecific Expectations

Health and Physical Education:  

  • A3.1 demonstrate behaviours and apply procedures that maximize their safety and that of others during physical activity
  • B1.3 perform different combinations of locomotor movements with and without equipment, alone
  • and with others, moving at different speeds and levels, using different pathways, and going in different directions

Permission Form for Group Dynamics Gr 4

511C Permission Form for Group Dynamics Gr 4
Permission Form for Group Dynamics Gr 4
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