What to Wear

What to Wear to Hillside?

Concerned about what to wear when you visit Hillside?  No problem!
We suggest you look at the forecast for the day.  Weather changes regularly and a warm sunny day today does not guarantee a warm sunny day tomorrow.

While at Hillside, students learn outside in all types of weather. Please remind students (and adult volunteers) to dress for the weather and be prepared for active participation (this includes wearing appropriate footwear).

Wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts protect against UV rays, mosquitoes (West Nile virus) and deer ticks (Lyme disease). Your experience at Hillside will involve being outside so it is important, for your safety and enjoyment, to dress appropriately.

City of Toronto has a website with more information about ticks and Lyme Disease.  
More information about Lyme Disease;
Lyme Disease Information

tick check locations

It is always better to bring a little extra gear that remains in your backpack or at Hillside while you are out hiking, than to come and be cold and uncomfortable.

In addition, Hillside does have a stockpile of extra clothing (coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc.), just in case there is a rapid change in weather. 

Diagram of Clothing to wear in different seasons