Take a Picture

Using nature as our inspiration, students will hike explore a nature trail in the Rouge Park or Seaton Trail.  They will learn about various elements of art and principles of design using cameras as their creative tool. Pictures taken from all cameras will be sent to the class through google docs to allow for reflection and post Hillside activities.

Overall Expectations:

The Arts
  • D 1 Creating and Presenting: apply the creative process to produce art works in a variety of traditional two- and three dimensional forms, as well as multimedia art works, that communicate feelings, ideas, and understandings, using elements, principles, and techniques of visual arts as well as current media technologies 

Specific Expectations:

The Arts
  • D 1.1. create art works, using a variety of traditional forms and current media technologies, that express feelings, ideas, and issues, including opposing points of view 
  • D 1.2. demonstrate an understanding of composition, using multiple principles of design 
  • D 1.3. use elements of design in art works to communicate ideas, messages, and understandings for a specific audience and purpose 
  • D 1.4. use a variety of materials, tools, techniques, and technologies to determine solutions to increasingly complex design challenges
Sun shining through trees