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Hillside is Scent Free

Bug Spray, Sunscreen and Other Scents
Hillside is a scent-free facility. We encourage the use of sunscreen for all visitors. We do ask, if possible, to apply the sunscreen before you arrive, or when outside. If you are using bug spray, it will need to be applied when you are outside. Please remember that others scents that you may apply will attract insects and other bugs.

A Video Clip of Hillside and Our Hillside Blog

A Day in the Life of Hillside
Mathew Joseph created a fabulous video of some of the great lessons and activities we do at Hillside. Sit back and enjoy the video, we here at Hillside certainly do!

REMEMBER:  When visiting Hillside, to bring all your things in a backpack.  This will make carrying snacks, lunch, refillable drinking bottle and extra clothing much easier.

While at Hillside, students learn outside in all types of weather. Please remind students (and adult volunteers) to dress for the weather and be prepared for active participation (this includes wearing appropriate footwear). We have a variety of warm clothing, boots, hats and mittens that can be loaned to participants as required.

Wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts protect against UV rays, mosquitoes (West Nile virus) and deer ticks (Lyme disease).  Your experience at Hillside will involve being outside so it is important, for your safety and enjoyment, to dress appropriately.

The City of Toronto has a website with further information
about ticks and Lyme Disease.
More information about Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease Information

tick check locations
Student hanging bird feeder art.