Welcome to Kindergarten Programs at Hillside

Welcome to Hillside Outdoor Education School.
We are very excited to have you and your students experience learning in an outdoor environment.

To the left, there are links to the descriptions of our hands-on, active learning programs along with the curriculum expectations that will be covered. If you are teaching a split/grade, you can choose a program from either grade.

Student holding the book The Mitten holding artworkWe want to make your visit to Hillside as relevant and aligned with the learning in your classroom as possible. Please feel free to contact us at any time so that we can work as partners, ensuring an exceptional day at Hillside for everyone.

"Inquiry-based Learning is a dynamic and emergent process that builds on students’ natural curiosity about the world in which they live. As its name suggests, Inquiry places students’ questions and ideas, rather than solely those of the teacher, at the centre of the learning experience. Students’ questions drive the learning process forward. Teachers using an inquiry-based approach encourage students to ask and genuinely investigate their own questions about the world. " Natural Curiosity, Building Children’s Understanding of the World through Environmental Inquiry, The Laboratoy School at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study, OISE, University of Toronto, 2011, p. 7.

Students walking in forest

Discovering Nature Kindergarten Program
Pre and post trip information is also available for our programs as requested. As a visiting teacher to our site, if you wish to discuss other options for programs not included in the selection, please contact us.

We use a variety of locations in the Rouge Park and vicinity. Some of these areas are wheelchair accessible. Programs may need to be modified to meet specific student needs.