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Earth Citizenship

Students mulching garden beds

The role of the government will be investigated while students explore the Seaton Trail or the Rouge Park.  The focus of the exploration will be on the concept of citizenship and how the area has been used in the past and how it is used today.  The many levels of government and its services provided to citizens will be examined. Developments such as Highway 407 or the Rouge National Park will be a visual reminder to students of human impact on wetlands, wildlife and plant life.  

Overall Expectations:

  • 2. investigate forces that act on structures and mechanisms.

Specific Expectations:

  • 2.1 follow established safety procedures for working with tools and materials 
  • 2.3 use scientific inquiry/research skills to investigate how structures are built to withstand forces 
  • 2.4 use technological problem-solving skills to design, build, and test a frame structure that will withstand the application of an external force

Permission Forms for Earth Citizenship

511C Permission Forms for Earth Citizenship
Permission Form Earth Citizenship.
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