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There's lots to do and lots to be involved in here at SCAS.  Here are just some of the activities we offer:

Eco Club (ECOTEAM) - Bill Ward

Are you concerned about creating a better environment for ourselves and for our future generations?

SCAS does regular recycling in our classrooms and offices. We also do gardening in the school garden at the front of the school. Other projects involve raising school awareness on various environmental topics such as reducing waste of paper, electricity, water, food, and use of plastic water bottles and coffee cups. Students are encouraged to participate to help us make our school and our world more eco-friendly!   If you have any environmental interest or project you would like to get involved in, please contact Bill Ward by email at

Gay, Straight Alliance (GSA) 

The Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA, formally known as the Gay-Straight Alliance: GSA) is a safe space at SCAS for all LGBTQQ2PAAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Queer, 2 Spirted, Pan-sexual, Asexual, Abstaining and Allies from the straight community) students and their friends/allies to come share their knowledge and experiences. Whether you have questions that need to be answered, want to make new friends who share similar views or want to create or participate in a special event; the QSA is the place to be!  Everyone is welcome to join!

Lunchtime Intermural Sports – Ali Orang

SCAS runs a popular lunchtime sports program every day in the gym. The program includes basketball, soccer, badminton and volleyball. The daily schedule is as follows: 


All-Girls Sports









Math, Science English Help (Lunchtime in Room 162) – Ali Orang

The SCAS Math/Science Team runs a successful tutoring program during the lunchtime every day in room 162. Teachers and student volunteers help students with their math, science or English problems. One of the major objectives of the SCAS Lunchtime Math, Science and English program is to provide leadership and volunteering experiences for students.

Nutrition Program – Katherine Evans

SCAS is pleased to offer a universal  morning snack program and a hot lunch program for students in need.  This program is financed by grants from the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, Toronto Public Health and the SCAS Student Activity Council.   The program is run by dedicated staff & student volunteers.  If you are interested in helping with the Nutrition Program or if you are in need, contact the Principal.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The MSA is a group for students who would like to promote the cultures of the Muslim faith, and to provide a safe place to discuss issues and successes within the school community. EVERYONE is welcome!

Single Parent Initiative (SPI) 

Our single parent learners have a variety of needs and face a number of challenges including but not limited to; inadequate life skills; affordable transportation; lack of knowledge of community supports; an inability to advocate for themselves; lack of skills and knowledge to manage money and the limited resources that they have to succeed; and the confidence and other personal skills to maintain healthy relationships.  These barriers often impede a single parent’s ability to successfully complete their schooling and move on to post-secondary or a fulfilling employment. Our Young Parents at SCAS group, honours each student’s chosen academic pathway, while focusing on relevant skills that will help them to be successful in school, build confidence and help them become good parents.  Using a workshop model, sessions are delivered each month focusing on various areas of need: Healthy Nutrition, Mental Health, Anger Management, Career Planning etc. Emergency First Aid/CPR and SMART SERVE are also provided to participants in the program.  If you are interesting in joining this group, please speak to a member of the Guidance Department.

Student Council (SC)

At SCAS, the Student Council is the foundation for school spirit and the voice of students. Our Student Council is comprised of Adult (21 years plus) and Ed-Vance (18 to 20 years) students who articulate the concerns and interests of our entire student body. The Student Council inspires and motivates others to accomplish common goals.  Student Council representatives listen to a broad range of perspectives and act in a manner that is inclusive of everyone at SCAS. Student Council organizes activities that help to enrich our school’s community and our students’ lives. It organizes all-school field trips (e.g. Centre Island, Wonderland, and Rouge Valley), connects and works with community organizations, runs charity events, organizes school BBQ events, and helps to acquire low-cost computers for students in need through outreach programs.

Adult School Sports 

Click on this article about students from our school participating in a board-wide adult student soccer tournament.

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