Tech Support @SCAS

Tech Support @SCAS

In order to access all of your TDSB Digital Resources*, please start by going to website:

Enter your email address for your username

  If you are a returning Student of SCAS or a TDSB School within the last calendar year, your password is the same as last used.

  • If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR),  if you have previously filled out your Microsoft Multi-Factor and password manager the last school year else contact your Teacher for a password reset.
  • If you are a new Student to the TDSB or a Returning Student greater than 1 calendar year away from a TDSB school or if your Teacher recently reset your network account, your password will be the following.
    Password:  Type in the following:  ####DDMM@Tdsb
    #### = Last four digits of student number.
    DD= 2 digits of date of birth, MM=2 digits of month of birth, @Tdsb

    Then you will be prompted to change our password, Enter user current password you used moments ago, then enter a new password and confirm your new password, then click/tap on change password button.  Your password must be at least 8 characters long.  You can not use the last 5 password, nor the password can not contain your name. We encourage you create random password that you can remember with following criteria greater than 12 characters long, use of small and large case alpha letters, numbers and symbols. 
    To test the strength of your password, by using the service from Gibson Research Corporation 
    Remember to visit the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) webpage to set up your
    Microsoft Multi-Factor and password manager. 

** Student email and number mentioned in communications to/from your Teacher(s), Main and Guidance Offices.

* TDSB Resources:

  •  Academic Workspace
  • Student email (
    You can see your email via your persona bubble on the website or
    while in your Google Workspace Apps too.
  • Google Workspace (Classroom, My Drive, Meet)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Brightspace (Desktop & Pulse App)
  • Zoom
  • TDSB Connects (School & Student Schedules, Announcements and more)
  • Self Service Password Reset / Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication.  


How Staff and Students do the following:

SCAS Students and Teachers - Normal Expectations of TDSB Resources at the Beginning of each Quadmester, it may take up to 4 days after students become active within the school system before their network accounts are created/reactivated/renewed/updated and access to their network resources are available to used for the first time or continued use.