Hairstyling Licensing

Pre Apprenticeship Hair Styling


Do you want to become a licensed hairstylist and, at the same time, earn credits towards your high school diploma? (Grade 12 is now a requirement for becoming a licensed hairstylist.) 

In the first 5-month term you will learn theory and gain practical experience in our fully-equipped hair styling lab. In the second term you will be placed in a salon for 3 full days a week and continue learning theory and skills the other 2 days in the classroom. Upon successful completion of this program you will be well positioned to write the Ministry of Colleges, Training and University's level 1 & 2 exemption exams in hair styling.

*Note: There is no tuition for the program, but there is a materials and equipment fee. 

This program runs from September to June.

The orientation session date and time will be posted here when they become available.

Please note:  An Ontario High School transcript is required.


Fee Breakdown 


Material Fee

$600.00.  The kit includes professional tools, and a workbook. This fee is payable in the first week of classes.