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Registration information

Quad 3 registration is closed.

Please look at our website at the end of March for quad 4 registration information.



Do you need to DROP A COURSE?

Click here to complete our Course Drop form



Do you need a copy of your TRANSCRIPT?

If you are a current student or attended less than 3 years ago, click here to complete our Transcript Request form.  We will email you an electronic copy of your transcript.  Please be patient and allow 3 school days for your request.

We cannot provide transcripts for students who attended 3 or more years ago.  You must request your transcript from the TDSB Transcript Office.




Click here to complete our Attendance Letter request form.  We will contact you when your attendance letter is ready for pick-up in the guidance office.  Please be patient and allow 3 school days for your request.  A student must be attending school for 10 days before an attendance letter will be issued.



Graduating Students

Are you planning to graduate at the end of Quad 3?  If yes, please carefully read the information on this page of our website and follow the instructions.



Do you have questions or need to contact guidance?

Please come to the adult guidance office during school hours and we will be happy to help you!!!