Frequently Asked Questions ...


May I attend SCAS if I am about to turn 21 years of age?

Students aged 20, turning 21 between July 1st and December 31st, can attend the Adult Program beginning in September of that Calendar Year.

Student aged 20, turning 21 between January 1st and June 30th, may not attend the Adult Program until September of the following school year. However, they could qualify for the SCAS EdVance Program.


How do I access accommodations at SCAS?

Accommodations can be requested by speaking to a guidance counselor or administrator (principal or vice principal).  Documentation may be required.


Does attendance at SCAS qualify me to use the Education Deductions on my Income Tax?

No, SCAS is not a Post-Secondary Institution that charges Tuition Fees.


What Citizenship status do I need to attend SCAS?

You must be a Citizen, a Landed Immigrant/Permanent Resident, or a Convention Refugee with a valid Study Permit or Student Authorization.


Does SCAS provide financial support for me while I am attending?

No, students must provide their own means of financial support while attending SCAS.


If I am re-enrolling at SCAS after a period of non-attendance, must I attend an orientation/registration session?

Yes, however, you will not be required to complete English and Math Assessments or pay an Assessment Fee. After hearing the Information Talk, you will be given an appointment date to return to see a Counsellor to pick subjects.