Please Note:   

Adult students who believe they are Eligible to Graduate should book an appointment with a Guidance Counselor to review their Credit Counselling Summary and Confirm their Eligibility to Graduate.  The Ontario Literacy Requirement is necessary for graduation.  (Deadline: To Be Announced).


Graduation (Commencement) at SCAS


Grad PHOTOGRAPHS - Mon Apr 29th, 2024.  
                                         Book your Grad Photo Session at
                                           School Code: XSS  Click here for more details.

GRADUATION CEREMONY -Thu Jun 27th, 2024,  Time: TBA.  Graduates please arrive 1 hour (60mins) before ceremony.  Following the ceremony, Diploma/Award Pick Up is located in the School Gymnasium and Refreshments will be served in the School Cafeteria.





If you are not able to attend the Graduation Ceremony, please arrange to pick up your Diploma and/or Award  on  (To Be Announced)  from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.