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May the Peace of the Wilderness be Preserved Forever

Important Seasonal Updates

The SOES sign and lodge building

Since 1978, the Scarborough Outdoor Education School (S.O.E.S.) has specialized in providing rich curriculum connected environmental and outdoor education programs to over 5000 grade 6, intermediate and secondary students each school year.

SOES is located in a wilderness setting 40 minutes northeast of Huntsville on the western border of Algonquin Park. SOES encompasses 400 hectares of beautiful rolling hardwood and coniferous forests and includes 3 pristine lakes in the Canadian Shield country.

During the summer SOES transforms into Camp Kearney, open to all young people from grade 3 through high school.

Hiking at SOES in the SpringHiking at SOES in the Spring

SOES Tee Contest 2014/15

SOES design
Step into the real world

SOES is pleased to announce that Wania and Elise of Glamorgan and Woburn, who entered designs in the SOES T-Shirt contest are our lucky winners!

Wania’s stylized ‘SOES’ has been used in combination with the hare and beaver design on the front of the t-shirt, with Elise’s amazing depiction of four students stepping into the real world design is used for the back of the t-shirt. I must also share Elise’s beautiful sentiment that went along with her picture, “I also included a deer, as our group saw a pair of them as we were walking back to our cabins, and it represents how SOES shows that a place where humans and wildlife can live side by side in peace really is possible.” 

I want to thank all entrants for your fantastic contributions, both art and written picture explanations. You made our choice very difficult! We hope you enjoyed putting your art together and we welcome another contribution on another occasion.

Click here to download the order form. Send to us with your money in TDSB internal mail and we will get it back to you ASAP.

Simon Francis
Site Supervisor - SOES

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