Indigenous Hunting Technology

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Indigenous Hunting Technology

Overall Goal


Students will, in a highly controlled and safe manner, learn and participate in various hunting technologies.

Grade 6 Curriculum Connections


Social Studies - Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, Past and Present

  • assess contributions to Canadian identity made by various groups and by various features of Canadian communities and regions
  • use the social studies inquiry process to investigate different perspectives on the historical and/or contemporary experiences of two or more distinct communities in Canada

Program Description

Students will have the opportunity to experience, explore and compare a variety of aboriginal hunting tools and their development over time. Using a rock or a bow and arrow, students can practice their skills at “hunting” for their dinner and gain an appreciation for the connection between human need and technological advancement.


Success Criteria/Learning Goals

  1. Students demonstrate behaviours that maximize their safety and that of others while practicing aboriginal hunting techniques.
  2. Students explain how hunting technology has changed over time.
  3. Students will explain the pros and cons of various traditional hunting techniques.


Pre-Trip Activity

Students could research the progression of hunting technologies as they developed through time and in different cultures.
Next Step Environmental Action
Hunting seems to be a real controversy amongst environmental advocates. Through inquiry based learning students will research different views on the issue. Does hunting help or hurt the environment?
OISE has a resource called Deepening Knowledge Project which is a curricula database for infusing indigenous education into your classroom with information, grade specific lesson plans, videos, and links to books and films.

For more suggestions see our page Learning Resources under Aboriginal Education.


Available in spring (before the bugs arrive) and fall. Atlatls can be used in the winter for a short program.