Senior School Groups

Settler's ridge cabins at SOES


Senior Groups - grades 7-12 - The Ridge

At SOES we also offer curriculum-based programs for grades 7-12. A variety of specialist, science and geography classes, student success, MID, and leadership programs from intermediate and high schools visit us each year and stay in The Ridge cabins.


Possible themes for a visit to SOES:

  • ecological literacy including science and geography
  • group dynamics and leadership
  • earth stewardship
  • camp out in any season

Food, lodging, busing, equipment and program staff are provided for all groups at a cost per student per day (presently $75/student/24 hour period). We have a variety of lengths of stay available from 3 to 5 day programs.

Transportation is by coach bus, shared with the visiting elementary school grade 6 students. For this reason, group size is limited to 24 students (up to 14 in each cabin) with a minimum requirement of 16 students. Accommodations are in our The Ridge cabins overlooking Peter’s Lake. Washroom facilities are a few steps away in the solar-powered straw bale wash house.

SOES can also facilitate the outdoor component for secondary outdoor credit programs. If you are interested in starting a secondary outdoor education credit program then please contact us.

Schools wishing to book spaces should be advised that spots are limited. We take requests and book in May and June for the following school year. If you want to be added to the wait list or request a trip then please go to the TOES booking application at