Essential Info

Essential Trip Info

Student Safety

Student safety is the most important consideration at SOES. In order to ensure a safe trip, we need to know all of your students dietary and health needs at least 2 weeks before your visit date.

Visiting staff and/or teachers MUST bring with them a completed student medical information from EMA for each student. We also ask that health and dietary information from EMA be entered into the Google document (shared with you by SOES) at least 2 weeks before your visit date. This allow us to make proper accommodations for all visiting students and staff.

We MUST know about allergies, epi-pens, inhalers, medication, existing conditions (seizures, diabetes), ESL and special needs. Life threatening conditions are especially important.

All student medication (especially inhalers and epi-pens) MUST be brought with you to SOES.

Please print double sided the bed bug awareness flyer for students and send it home with them.

Health Cards

ALL students and staff visiting SOES should have a health card number written on their health form or evidence of equivalent coverage.

A trip to the hospital without coverage is a minimum $650 (plus doctor’s fees) charged directly to the family of the student.

Click for extra OHIP and Health Insurance information.


Any students who are ill at the time of the trip should stay home to get well.

If any student at SOES is exhibiting flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, vomiting) they will be sent home. This will mean the parent/guardians coming to collect their child. It is much easier on all of us, student included, if sick children don’t come in the first place. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to call the SOES office at 705-636-5384.


The weather at SOES can be quite different from that in Toronto. Students should be as prepared as absolutely possible, following the advice on our "dressing for the weather" poster. We do have clothing, mittens, boots, hats, scarves and rain jackets to lend. However, the less kit we issue the more time we can spend enjoying the conditions outside. Students should therefore always bring what they can!

Transport to and from SOES

Transport to and from SOES is arranged by us at SOES. Timings depend on whether you are accommodated in our Lodge or Homestead/Bunkhouse. Your Google document will tell you the exact pick up and drop off times. The bus will stop for you to have lunch on the way to SOES, at A&W in Huntsville for Lodge students and at A&W in Bracebridge for Homestead/Bunkhouse students. Students should bring money or a packed lunch to eat at A&W. The buses have DVD players so you might like to bring some movies for the students to watch.

Coach Canada Drivers ask that we keep the seat directly behind the driver empty or with teachers, so that student chatter is not a distraction.  Thanks for organizing your bus seating plan with this in mind.

The weather does sometimes prevent the buses travelling to/from SOES. If the buses are cancelled then the SOES Site Supervisor will call you early on the morning of your trip to advise you of the situation and discuss the next steps.

Catering for dietary needs

Our Kitchen does a great job at dealing with a variety of dietary needs as long as we have this information AT LEAST 2 weeks before your visit date. We have a variety of halal meats and cheese, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free options that can be made for those that need.

Cell phones and electronics

We strongly prefer that students use this time as a break from their cell phones and any other electronic devices and don't bring them to SOES. We prefer students to be engaged in their surroundings while they are in our pristine wilderness. Students can bring digital cameras with them but any camera they bring is their sole responsibility. Please have them label their cameras with name and school so if lost we know who to return it to.

Dogs on the property

We have a number of SOES staff that will often bring their dogs with them to work. We find that the students enjoy the interaction and that the dogs enhance the student’s experience. They are all medium sized dogs and they are friendly, gentle and used to being around the students. Many children who are fearful of dogs have overcome those fears during their time at SOES. Allergies are not an issue as the dogs are not inside where the children are eating, sleeping or in classrooms. Dogs are only outside when appropriate.

Should you have any concerns please let us know.


SOES fundraises by selling souvenirs.  We have a range of items from $5-$20 (water bottles, pins, badges, ball caps, toques, and t-shirts). Students can bring money when they visit or order through your school using the SOES Souvenir Order Form once returned from your trip (through the TDSB courier).