Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Before you arrive at SOES with your class, to make the most of your trip and emphasize the learning opportunities we provide, we strongly encourage teachers to prepare their students. Preparing your students means many things. It means ensuring they are ready logistically to visit us, with the right information on what to bring/not bring and what to expect during the day.

Preparing also means getting your students ready to engage with our programs. This could be as simple as a short homework task on biodiversity, reading a short story to your class OR having a discussion on earth stewardship, before you arrive.

At SOES we always debrief our activities but in order to make the most of the learning opportunities from our program, we also strongly suggest follow up activities back in the classroom.

In this section of our website you will find a selection of books, websites and other resources that connect to our programs and can be used before, during or after your visit to us at SOES.

Here is a link to the TDSB Virtual Library where you can find additional resources to use with your class.